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Jan 3, 2011

Setting up your Survival Community

I thinks anyone who really see's what is going on recently, and isn't closing their eyes to the obvious, should get in gear on their prepping activities. I know most of us have food, water, guns and ammo. In a WROL situation, it will be critically important to have set up your community plan ahead of time. How will you communicate if there are no phones, where will you link up if certain homes are not safe, set up security passwords for safe meet ups, especially at night. These are all things everyone needs to figure out ahead of time. There will be enough to deal with and the more you have set up before hand the better chance you will have of surviving and securing your area to live while you contemplate your next step. Two way radios will be a necessary means of communication in a WROL situation, though minimal chatter will be best because of all the ears listening. This is where pre determined code and passwords will be critical to keep your meet ups and locations unknown.