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Apr 17, 2011

How important is your survival community?

There are many different opinions on what size group is best in a SHTF scenario. Some think individual survival is the way to go and others are prepping with their friends and family in mind, as a group, for survival. Personally, I prepare to take care of my immediate family and have a good group of survival/prepping friends who are all involved in our survival community, which has an emergency plan for different situations, in order to gain communication with each other, meeting places, bug in locations, bug-out-locations and plan to set up our area for safety and security as a group. Once an initial emergency situation has happened and the 2nd phase of your survival plan takes place, I believe it will be very beneficial to have a good group of trusted, prepared and close survival friends in your survival community. Here is a video that drives home the importance of having a group for support and security in the event you have to rely on your self and there is nobody to come to your aide. Check out this video and let me know your ideas for your survival in a SHTF event.