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Apr 8, 2011

Crazy leftist Socialist video, calling for violence.

Yes, violence is one way to solve a problem, and to most normal citizens it is the last resort. Most of the locations he mentioned were being oppressed with violence, thus they needed to use violence to fight back. Obviously it wasn’t their first choice either. It may come to it sooner than later, I know that there are many freedom loving good heart-ed Americans that will be standing next to me and most of you ready to take on this insanity. Frankly I am getting pretty tired of all of the Blatant lies and deception that are coming from all these leftist, socialist, communist folks (and where the heck did they all pop out from all of the sudden anyway?). If violence comes, like this guy wants, I am sure he will be one of the first ones to get bumped in the nose and run away. He looks like a real tuff guy calling for violence. Freedom has beaten socialism/communism before and there is a reason for that, Freedom works! I think we all know who will win this one!