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Jan 13, 2011

Food Prep, seeds & growing after SHTF!

So, the SHTF and a couple of months have gone by, you have survived some looting & have made it to your bug out location. Your plan is to hunt and grow your own food for yourself and your family. This is some thing that I had never really thought of but, how much land does it take to grow enough food to sustain a person? How many growing seasons will you have in your bug out location? Well, according to a method called "BIO-intensive Gardening", which is the idea of John Jeavons, it will take approx. 8,000 sq/ft. That's 4,000 sq/ft for actual growing space and 4,000 sq/ft for pathways & access. So with an acre of land equaling 43,560 sq/ft, you could support a family of five on an acre of land. This is just a best case scenario of coure, but it does give you a good starting point and something to think about when planning your growing location. Good luck too everyone. Find more on this subject at www.backyardfoodproduction.com and thanks to Stealth Survival for bringing this subject up, check out their blog at stealthsurvival.blogspot.com