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May 29, 2011

Next Free Survival Gear Giveaway Item!

Ok, here it is! My next Free Survival Gear giveaway Item. It's a brand spankin new Camel-bak. I think this one is the Afgan camo pattern, but it's new with plastic still on the mouth piece and it includes the new bladder. Nice pack to keep your usable water handy. Now all you have to do to get in on this free giveaway is to be a follower of this blog (super easy, click on the follow button on the top right) and for this giveaway lets hear your top five survival/emergency items to have on hand, whether in your "Bug Out Bag" or just in whatever kit you have for emergencies. So, to start it off I will post mine. You can check my full survival/emergency bag contents in my flicker pics at

1- Would be a good knife.
2- A good flashlight, I have a cool key chain, led, solar powered flashlight.
I have another battery powered NEBO, but this one is very compact and solar,
$3 at Wal-Mart.
3- Water purification tablets or a good, high volume water filter. I have a good
supply of tablets myself ( I have a family of 4), but will add a filter soon.
4- Some sort of shelter materials. I keep a poncho, liner and 550 cord. If you
count that as 3, I'll just take the poncho.
5- Lastly, I would take as many Vitamins as I could. Some may not, but I think
will be very important for physical health if you have periods of time with no
Now lets hear some different ideas! The giveaway will run for two week, to give every one a chance to get in on this. So I'll announce the winner on Saturday June 12th, and hears the prize!