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Oct 1, 2010

Prepping when your spouse isn't interested.

How hard is it to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency when your spouse isn't interested or worse thinks you're crazy?  I have recently started to see what is going on in the world and not liking what I see.  Like a lot of preppers,  I am now slowly gathering a decent size pile of supplies and equipment in my home.  Needless to say my wife started to look at me a little weird when I showed her my load bearing vest and a few pieces.  Since this was new to both of us it is understandable that she thought I was out of my mind and would get irritated whenever I would watch the news or talk about any political or survival subjects.  Good news to all in this situation, slowly my wife has started to be less irritated when these subjects come up.  Also, she is slightly interested in my prepping for the family.  I do tend to get carried away a bit on occasion, bu now she will just roll her eyes and let me do my thing, until it gets to obnoxious.  Anyway keep at it everyone and thanks honey, for understanding!  P.S. Jus got my new binoculars in yesterday and they are awsome!   

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  1. Yes, sometimes I do think my husband is crazy. But I guess in the long run it can't hurt to be prepared. I love you honey and please share your rice with me during the hard times.