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Mar 3, 2011

Up comming "Bug Out" Trial Run

Stay tuned, My plan is to do a trial run for a Bug-Out scenario, with myself and one of my close Survival friends. We will be "Bugging Out" at a random time within a preset 24 hr period. We will have a third party determine the time at random. When we receive the call, we will have approximately 30 min to gather our Bug Out Gear and then get into contact with each other as per our (SHTF scenario) plan. This will start with getting communication with each other via two way UHF radios then meeting at one of several predetermined locations. We will then bug out to one of our 1st stage Bug Out locations where we will set up our camp, run our scenario overnight and into the next days afternoon. Will will be giving this trial run at 100% from start to finish. We will be keeping a video log and this should be a great opportunity to gauge our plan, gear and locations to see what we should eliminate, add, change ect. Stay tuned to see how it goes. I will be posting some pics of my Bug Out Bag and its contents to get any suggestions and comments.

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